What Does the Course Number Mean?

Here is the national course numbering system. You do not need to know this, but some people find it interesting.

For 2014, the Wood Badge course number is W4-51-14

  • The W means the course is in the Western Region of Boy Scouts of America
  • The numeral 4 tells us the course is in Area 4 of the region. (We are in Area 4 of the Western Region of BSA.)
  • The 51 means the course is sponsored by council #51, which is Western Los Angeles County Council
  • The 14 tells us the course is in 2014. Perhaps you guessed that one.
  • There may be a 1 or 2 after the year that means the course is the first or second course in that council for that year. The number is sually assigned based on the timing of the course — the first one to be held is 1, the next is 2

Cub Scout Wood Badge


  • W – W is for Western Region of Boy Scouts of America
  • CS – CS is for Cub Scouts
  • 31 – course 31 in the Western Region
  • 44 – which means I was number 44 out of 48 members in the course
  • I took the class in 1992, at Scouter’s Mountain, Oregon  


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